Urban Forum Northwest

Responding To The Death Of Affirmative Action

Thursday, June 29 on Urban Forum Northwest, scheduled guests for the hour are:

*Bob Armstead, President, Washington State Chapter-National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) talks about his latest efforts to track the 15% goal for minority businesses in the 1.75 trillion dollar Infrastructure and Jobs Act. Over 5 billion dollars has been dispersed to Washington state.

*Attorney Jesse Wineberry Sr., Founder, Washington Equity Now Alliance (WENA) comments on the efforts of WENA played in getting the Governor Jay Inslee to sign an Executive Order restoring Affirmative Action in 2022.

*Korbett Mosesly was the Project Advisor for the Community Reinvestment Plan that will put 200 million dollars in communities of color in the state to reduce crime and provide opportunities for organizations and businesses in designated areas.

*Kibibi Monie’, Founder Nu Black Arts West led the way to bring Dr. Boyce Watkins for Black Wealth Power Training to the Northwest on Saturday, July 8 10:00 am-2:00 pm in person event at the Tabor 100 HUB.

*Daniel Williams, Legacy Leaders, Comprehensive Planner/Insurance Broker comments on his Infinite Banking Concept on how to create your on Family Bank and he will be participating in the July 8 Dr. Boyce Watkins event.

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