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Resilient Balance

Penny Murray is the founder of Resilient Balance and is a personal Integrative Ancestral Guide who helps you free yourself from inherited patterns – emotional, mental, and sometimes physical. Penny finds great joy connecting her life-long clairvoyance with the sound medicine of tuning forks and the wisdom of Euphoralite stones to bring stuck or looping ancestral patterns to rest. The ancestors can then move forward with their purpose, while the living experience more harmony and freedom.
How does one benefit from the Ancestral Resolution Series? Although each client and their relations benefit in a myriad of individual ways, here are some of the most common benefits:
? Being a better communicator and feeling safe about it
? Gain a deeper understanding and compassion for self and family members
? Experience increased motivation to set and attain goals
? Feelings of belonging and creating a legacy
? Move forward in balance with how much you give and how much you receive
? Organized, congruent thought patterns within Mind and Heart
? Attract people and opportunities that nourish your innate self
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