The Remarkable Relationships Show

Reinvention of Self: Building Community in New Zealand

Today my guest is Emily Morrow, J.D. Emily is a dear friend who brings us her story of reinventing herself professionally and culturally. A highly successful estate attorney, Emily retired in 2004 at the age of 52. As she began a consulting practice, she and her physician husband decided to build a second home overseas. After a stint in Sydney, Australia, they moved to Auckland, New Zealand. We are going to talk about her experiences making this brave move, her talent for building community and her personal transformation. As a consultant to lawyers and law firms, Emily focuses on the core capabilities lawyers need to be successful; business development, strategic planning, self-presentation/ communication skills, practice management and succession planning. She designs and facilitates retreats, coaches (one-on-one and teams), provides tailored training and conducts bespoke research projects. Emily is a frequent contributor to LawTalk and LawNews and has been the keynote speaker at numerous professional conferences for NZLS, CLANZ, ADLS, ALPMA, AWLA, CWLA, Law Plus, Lawlink, Legalwise, AALA and others. She is a regular presenter at the NZLS Stepping Up programme on the topic of “The People Dimension”. Website: