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Reinvent Yourself After Adversity by Retraining Your Brain

Topic: Reinvent Yourself After Adversity by Retraining Your Brain
Guest: Genvièv St. Clair, Hypnotherapy Educator
Description: Our brain controls everything, from our very life to our
experience of it. Life can be stressful and uncertain at times, even
traumatic. But we don’t have to let life’s difficulties take us down. We
can regain control of our life experiences, resolve early-life wounds
and let go of emotional tension. We can rebuild our confidence,
self-worth and resilience. Genvièv St. Clair, an Award-Winning,
Board Certified, Forensic and Clinical Hypnotherapy Educator on
the web at GenvievHypnosis.com and on YouTube at
YouTube.com/GenvievTV shares how we can learn to work with brain
plasticity and brain rewiring, the most powerful key to wellness, success,
performance an peace of mind. Tresa begins the show by sharing her
thoughts on whether to pay down debt or invest for retirement and
other goals.

Company: Genvièv Hypnosis and Forensic & Clinical Educational Center
Email: Genviev@GenvievHypnosis.com
Phone: 503-887-8034
Website: GenvievHypnosis.com
YouTube: YouTube.com/GenvievTV
Host: Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Senior Vice President Cornerstone Financial Strategies

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