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‘Re’Cracking the Matrix

On my last show with Cate Montana, we discussed her new book, “Cracking the Matrix: 14 keys to individual and global freedom.” This time we will go more in depth with Cate and Robin Duda, a soul alchemist from Santa Fe, who specializes in soul retrieval and is referred to in Cate’s book. Our world is in the grip of a powerful, intelligent anti-life Force—an unseen, all-pervasive evil influence that has been involved in the deliberate degeneration of humanity for thousands of years. Priests and shamans, philosophers and mystics have all pointed to the existence of this hostile Force and named it in every culture in the world. For the ancient Greeks it was the Archons—the Powerful Evil Ones. In Christian literature it’s Beelzebub, the Devil, Satan, and Shaitan. For the Hebrews it’s Abaddon. In Islam it’s Iblis or AshShaytān. To Native Americans it’s wetiko. To the Hawaiian kahunas it’s e’epa. In modern parlance it’s mind parasites. The reason humanity has not yet caught on to the reality of this Force is because: 1) The beings plaguing us are only visible in the astral realms and when they work through us. 2) We have been programmed to believe this degenerate, anti-life Force originates within us, so we don’t spend any time searching for outside causes for our spiritual, moral and social malaise. 3) Nobody likes to look at scary stuff except in the movies. 4) Many famous heads of state, blue bloods, global financial leaders, corporate media conglomerates and NGOs such as the World Economic Forum are minions of this dark Force, implementing its agendas. Last but not least, 5) these technologically advanced yet spiritless beings have created a thought matrix of lies, a false reality for us to live in that keeps us fundamentally cooperative with their ultimate agenda: human enslavement. The matrix is very real. And some of the world’s top scientists in theoretical physics, computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence are close to proving it. Intricate computer codes have been discovered hidden in the mathematical equations describing the cosmos, and corporate titans like Elon Musk are weighing in, saying things like, “The chance that we’re living in base reality is one in billions.” Media, spirituality, religion, and politics have been skillfully infiltrated and subtly twisted to serve this Force’s agenda. Materialism, money, wars, drugs, porn, Covid, The Great Reset—all are programs within the matrix, purposefully designed to accomplish one thing: To keep us from remembering our spiritual nature and tapping into the beauty and unfathomable power that lie within us. Solidly researched and footnoted, Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom is designed to help people finally see this anti-life Force, understand its agenda, recognize its blatant presence behind current global events, learn how to break free of its controlling influences and stand up in their true spiritual power, ready to create The New Earth that has so long been prophesied. Author Bio A dauntless explorer of inner and outer worlds, since her awakening in 2007, Cate Montana has written several extremely different books: A feminist memoir, Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within [Watkins 2013], an explanation of the ego and enlightenment, The E Word, Ego Enlightenment & Other Essentials [Atria 2017], and a spiritual novel, Apollo & Me [Rampant Feline Media 2019]. She is also the co-author of The Heart of the Matter with Dr. Darren Weissman [Hay House 2013]. Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom is her most recent work. A professional journalist specializing in alternative medicine and health, Cate has a master’s degree in psychology and speaks and teaches about consciousness, ego development and spirituality. She lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Find out more at