The Original Loretta Brown Show

Quantum Spirituality

Loretta’s guests are two doctors, Amit Goswami, PhD and Valentina Onisor, M.D. We will be discussing their new book “Quantum Spirituality”.

Quantum Spirituality is a milestone book. There is no saner, more convincing book on the emerging phase of human evolution-an evolution in consciousness open to everyone.”
Deepak Chopra

In Quantum Spirituality the two researchers combine their wisdom to develop a scientific path for spiritual transformation—quantum spirituality—based on exploration of wholeness. Their idea is to integrate all the different dichotomies that create conflicts in our lives. The recipe is simple: find your dichotomies; engage with the creative process to integrate the two polarities of the dichotomy; manifest the integration in your being. As you remove conflicts, your consciousness will expand and lead you to increase happiness and intelligence. All of this without leaving the world of accomplishments.
There are a couple of things that are novel in this approach. First, quantum physics and Amit’s extension of it—quantum science—is a perfect enabler of this new path to spiritual transformation. Quantum science not only gives us a scientific validation of spiritual wisdom of the past such as the metaphysics of Oneness and the importance of meditation to reach it but also charts a new path using the creative process, now fully understood using the insights of quantum physics. What is also new is that these authors have expanded creativity from an exploration of new meaning of the “archetype” of wholeness but also new movements of energy in the body that they call vital energy that we experience as feelings. Vital energy is quantum energy; without quantum physics it is impossible to understand it or give it scientific validation.
Second, conventional spirituality looks at spiritual enlightenment as an exploration of the archetype of self, leading to self-realization—who am I? You end up giving up your ordinary self, your ego the vehicle that connects to the world in favor of oneness—where there is no self. No-self to engage with separateness of the manifest world, but no self to enjoy the oneness either. Oneness is unconscious. Goswami and Onisor make the point that this path is appropriate only for people who have lost all interest in the world, people who are ready to renunciate the world. Meanwhile, such a monolithic meaning given to spiritual explorations has frustrated “not ready” aspirants for thousands of years.
In this way, Amit and Valentina maintain that Quantum Spirituality and quantum enlightenment—becoming whole—is a good ‘’compromise’’. You enjoy both oneness and separateness in the experience of “flow” a manifest, conscious being of no boundaries. They call it enlightenment in which you can have your cake and eat it also.
Most importantly the book lays out the path for modern professionals—how to integrate thinking, living, and livelihood. What the Bhagavad Gita called karma yoga becomes an easy-to-explore viable scientific method for spiritual transformation of modern people.
Everyone knows about caterpillars transforming to butterflies; this is an oft-used metaphor for spiritual transformation. Valentina and Amit show that this is no metaphor; this is what happens in quantum enlightenment. The centers of our feelings called the chakras literally “open” up to experience new noble feelings associated with new functioning of the body’s gastro-intestinal system, sexual organs, the immune system, and the brain. One of these new capacities is the capacity to love everyone.