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Quantum Spirituality

Peter Canova, author of the award-winning First Souls Trilogy spiritual fiction series, unravels the nature of reality through the twin lenses of quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom In his latest non-fiction book, Quantum Spirituality (Inner Traditions, May 2023).

In Quantum Spirituality, the renowned linguist, historian, and spiritual philosopher elucidates the profound and astonishing alignment between the ancient Gnostic teachings and the modern sciences of quantum physics and philosophy that he stirringly dramatized in the acclaimed trilogy of Pope AnnalisaThe Thirteenth Disciple, and The Light of Distant Suns.

Peter Canova is a highly successful, multi-lingual, international businessman who, after a series of life-changing spiritual experiences, began studying and writing on spirituality and consciousness. He is the author of the 25 X award-winning First Souls Trilogy and has contributed to the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He hosts a podcast, Quantum Spirituality, on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

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