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QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) – Jeffrey Ashur

Jeffrey Ashur’s Bio Jeffrey earned a Bachelor’s Degree from College of the Holy Cross ’85 with a double major in Physics & Music Theory and then a Masters in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University.
He began his career in circuit chip design at Raytheon and for much of his life pursued a career in Electrical Engineering with Music performance as an avocation. Raised in the Boston area, Jeffrey grew up the youngest of 4 in a tight knit Catholic family. The son of a WWII Navy Medic and Boston school teacher, Jeffrey lived a traditional American childhood with music education as a focus. Following his given religious belief system, he kept an open mind to the physics behind its stories, rituals and practices and never accepted vague explanations. Striving to keep the peace, he’d go along to get along.
Early in childhood, he had his 1st past life regression under the guidance of his aunt Theresa, a casual student of ESP and Boston hair dresser. Almost simultaneously, his uncle Richard introduced him to the newly published book, Chariots of the Gods which opened his young mind to the acceptance of extraterrestrial life. At the outset, his professional path engaged him with personal development opportunities. That was just the beginning for Jeffrey. Years ago discovering David Wilcock’s Source Field Investigations, he explored the treasure trove of hidden science and embarked on a mission to discover the true nature of universe and self. Around the same time, he found the Tony Robbins Mastery Programs in which he broke stride in the personal development area. Becoming trained as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach in the style of Tony Robbins, Jeffrey found it a good foundation for work in energy healing and hypnosis. Among the first modalities he acquired in energy healing were Reiki and Access Bars®. Along the way, he attended The Monroe Institute for deeper exploration in consciousness. David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings, Cosmic Disclosure and sometime later, David’s Mystery School and Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Academy expanded his potential substantially.
Upon introduction to QHHT(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), he found it a natural progression to all of his training and life experience. A number of synchronicities unfolded to inspire his commitment to explore it’s synergy with all he’s practiced to this point in his life and become trained as a practitioner.
Guiding many people through past life healing experiences in the style of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, he has facilitated the healing of emotional issues, relationship issues, physiological issues, success mindset, and helped discover clients’ answers to many of their spiritual questions. He considers one of the most significant aims of his practice is to connect people with their Higher Self by Dolores Cannon’s technique. He’s learned that connecting with our Higher Self can offer us a great source of healing. Jeffrey also enjoys learning what he believes a deeper history of our civilization as well as galactic history during clients’ past life and ET past life viewings.
Jeffrey Ashur actively practices QHHT, energy healing and life coaching in the Greater Boston & Cape Cod areas while maintaining a role as a technical business manager in a family business. He also enjoys performing jazz piano & saxophone at local restaurants on Cape Cod.