PowerSongs! Affirmations on Steroids

Topic: PowerSongs! Affirmations on Steroids
Guest: Lowry Olafson, Songwriter and Founder of PowerSongs.ca
Description: Pursuing a wealthy life requires taking a microscope to your thoughts. Are they supporting what you want or defeating you? Evidence indicates that positive affirmations can help you overcome blocks and limiting beliefs so you can make positive changes in your life.
Our guest, Lowry Olafson, is a Canadian songwriter who has released nine albums and toured the globe. He’s led over 500 songwriting sessions with more than 10,000 people most of whom had never written a song before. Lowry is passionate about helping people find deeper meaning and joy in work and life by writing PowerSongs to help them do just that.
Join us in a fun and valuable conversation about how singing your own personal PowerSong can help you feel all the possibilities in life and install a belief that you can do anything! Tresa sings her PowerSong and introduces how positive thoughts and emotions can support and motivate us to take the actions we need to take to get where we want to go.
Company: PowerSongs
Email: Lowry@PowerSongs.ca
Phone: 604-865-0888
Website: www.PowerSongs.ca
Host: Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Senior Vice President Cornerstone Financial Strategies

Email: tresa.leftenant@ampf.com
Website: https://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/tresa.leftenant