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Power To Communities

Special Guest Panel with Eric Meyers. The topic “Power to Communities” focuses on Pluto in Aquarius. March 23, 2023, Pluto enters the networking community-oriented archetype of Aquarius. Aquarius highest manifestation is for the elevation of the collective consciousness.

“Pluto goes back and forth between the earth-bound Capricorn and the air-flowing Aquarius energies for a year and half between March 23, 2023, and November 20, 2024, said Sue Minahan, founder, and host of the weekly show. “Pluto transformational energy purges to transmute like a caterpillar to a butterfly. At best, the world will connect through community to build and heal the shadows that also conflict an archetypal energy.”

Joining Sue Rose Minahan founder host and astrologer of Talk Cosmos will be special guest Eric Meyers presently living in Michigan. Follow us and subscribe for weekly email newsletter. Connect and subscribe for Talk Cosmos YouTube. Also heard on your favorite podcast app and on all YouTube and online formats.

ERIC MEYERS: is an astrological counselor, teacher, lecturer, and author. He holds an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado.
-A graduate of the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program, he seeks to add to the growing field of evolutionary astrology.
-His books include Elements & Evolution, Uranus: The Constant of Change,and The Astrology of Awakening
-The recently published, The Spiritual Dimension of The Beatles, is his seventh.
-Website is:
-FB page is:

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“Thankfully, I discovered Evolutionary astrology. Its perspective points directly to our unique personal spiritual soul growth…driven by our aligned intentions. Its promising purpose of soul growth ignited an entirely alive Zodiac. Captured, I felt compelled to study the deep significance of astrological application,” said Sue.

Sue is your guide to focusing the Cosmos kaleidoscope. In the words of Einstein, “Energy’s never destroyed, energy only changes.”

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