Holding Ground

Playing Sports and Mental Health with Brock Huard

How can sports impact our mental health? Playing sports can teach valuable life skills like resilience, endurance, and how to work with others. It can also support cognitive development, improving focus and problem-solving skills. There are also concerns about whether the pressure to compete could have a detrimental effect on mental health for some. If you are the parent of an athlete, an athlete yourself, or a sports fan you won’t want to miss this episode! Psychotherapist Laura Richer interviews the perfect guest to weigh in this topic. If you are a Washington sports fan this episode’s guest needs no introduction. Brock Huard is a former NFL Quarterback who has played for the Huskies and The Seahawks. He shares his insight and perspective into this topic from all angles from being a young athlete to playing in the pros and now being the parent of young athletes.