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Planet Buzz – Revolutionary Values

Planet Buzz Virgo panel scheduled the first Sunday of the month in 2023. This episode, “Venus square Uranus Revolutionary Values”, features special guest, Dr. Stormie Grace who hosts a successful YouTube show interviewing astrologers, and YouTube Astrology Academy provides free basic astrology classes.

“Venus usually stays in a sign 2 weeks to 30 days except every 18 months when Venus moves in (apparent) retrograde motion. Venus will be in Leo four months from June 5-6 until October 8-9. The retrograde began July 23 at 28° Leo and ends on Sunday. September 3 at 12° Leo.” said Sue Minahan, founder, and host of the weekly show. “We are focusing on a recurring “square”/motivational energy between Venus, of what we attract, and Uranus, of sudden unpredictable events. Three dates in 2023 were on July 2 when Venus was direct, Aug 9 when Venus was Retrograde, and September 29 when Venus will be in direct motion again. What deep paths has Venus Retrograde connected to values we desire? Venus rules the South Node in Libra as well, and collectively the consciousness releases what no longer serves purpose to create joyful fulfilment in our hearts. “

Join Planet Buzz with Sue Rose Minahan of Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii, founder of Talk Cosmos and Astrologer/Consultant, long-standing panel member, Dr. Laura Tadd of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, and honored guest Dr. Stormie Grace, recently relocated to Spain. Bios are listed below and found on Talk Cosmos website.

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STORMIE GRACE: is a practicing astrologer with a successful and entertaining YouTube show interviewing astrologers, sharing a wealth of knowledge. Her crowd-funded YouTube Astrology Academy brings the community together by providing FREE basic astrology classes taught by the finest Astrologers from around the world. Also, at Anchor’s Stormie Grace Podcast and on Patreon/StormieGrace., @stormiegrace  

LAURA TADD: A spiritually oriented psychological astrologer. She works as an astrological counselor, writer, teacher, and lecturer both in-person and remotely with people worldwide.

-Holds a monthly virtual astrology salon where she discusses upcoming planetary alignments and their historical significance and patterning.

-Teaches 6–8-week online courses on astrology and personal mythology.

SUE ROSE MINAHAN: Founder of Talk Cosmos since April 7, 2018, collaborates weekly with guests, where insightful conversations awaken consciousness for soul growth. Celebrating its 6th season in 2023.