Talk Cosmos

Pisces: Passing the Talking Stick

Two Seattle astrologer guests join Sue Rose Minahan for the Pisces Talk Cosmos YouTube and podcast.

Karen Wennerlind: For over 28 years, Karen has combined her knowledge of business, astrology, tarot, mythology, metaphysics and mediumship to create a distinct client-centered approach. Karen has an online study group, teaches classes, and workshops in Western and Uranian Astrology based in Seattle and via telephone and Zoom. She served on boards of the Washington State Astrology Association (WSAA) as Treasurer, VP and President; Kepler College, Camp Edgewood and the Church of Divine Grace both National Spiritualist Assocation of Churches, and currently the Treasurer for the Council of Vedic Astrology. Karen’s also a member of the East West Astrologers. Contact:

Marcia Butchart: NCGR Level III, Marcia has studied astrology since her first Saturn Return. The majority of astrology books then available were focused on psychological astrology. She kept reading and researching, to find teachers and follow her diverse interests. In 1994, Project Hindsight captured her attention. Today, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology continue to be a scholarly focus. ?Marcia’s expertise knowledge makes her an excellent resource for Fixed Stars, Horary and Uranian Astrology. Her current endeavors focus on Hellenistic Astrology. Marcia is a member and former board member of the Washington State Astrological Association. Marcia enjoys consulting with clients, ?tutoring student astrologers and lecturing. Contact Marcia at: