The Courage Effect

Personal Safety with Barb Jordan

In a conversation about personal safety, Barb talks through the work she does at Always Bev, an organization she founded following her sister’s death, who was tragically killed by gun violence.  She and Suzanne discuss the importance of trusting our intuition, not ignoring the “yellow flags” we see (and feel) from others, and the journey Barb has taken to process her grief and take action in support of others empowering themselves.

Barb Jordan is a personal safety expert who partners with organizations and universities to educate and build awareness around ways to stay safe.  Barb founded Always Bev (short for Always Be Vigilant) in honor of her sister, whose mission is to educate individuals on their personal safety at home, on campus, and in social environments. She is also the host and creator of the podcast: Always Bev: The Ripple Effect.