Pelvic Body Love with Jana Danielson

If the quality of our relationships is directly related to the quality of our lives, have you ever wondered why we are so resistant to learning the skills we need to improve them? Join Tom and Staci Bartley for this week’s show for answers and fascinating conversation.

“When we think about our pelvis and our relationships at the same time, typically the next thought for most of us is sex, right? Actually, believe it or not, the muscles of our pelvic floor affect so much more than just our ability to be intimate with our partners,” said Tom, adding, “Weak pelvic muscles can eventually create urinary stress, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and painful intercourse.”

More often than not, these problems begin with things like cold feet, shin splints, low back pain. Simple things we would swear were unrelated.

“Now look, I understand these things may be difficult for us to talk about; however, not talking about them will leave us feeling powerless in remedying them. According to Jana Danielson, a leading expert in health and fitness therapies for more than a decade, Jana knows using a Cooch Ball for just three minutes a day, will solve these problems once and for all. What’s a Cooch Ball you ask? Listen to find out!