The Courage Effect

Passion and Perspective with J.R. Siegel

J.R. and Suzanne anchor their conversation on the topic of passions – they discuss seeing the macro view to ensure we’re pursuing what matters most to us and J.R. shares his recurring self-review process where he tests what he “loves, likes, can’t, and won’t” do. He also touches on how empowering it is to hide self-view on video calls (a smaller but still courageous act!) and what opens up when you stop hiding behind the work of others.

J.R. Siegel is a sustainability strategist, writer, and business leader based in Seattle. He’s the Senior Director of Product Innovation of Higg (a Series B Sustainability SAAS Company), a member of the scientific and technical advisory committee for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation prize; and the author of Bright Spots, a newsletter that unpacks good news about the climate that you may have missed.