Wisdom From The Wardrobe


Welcome to this week’s episode of Wisdom From The Wardrobe with the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style team! This time they took a look at the glamorous world of the Oscars, and which looks on this years red carpet stole the show. But the real talk of the town; the style experts couldn’t help obsessing over pants, and they had a lot to say about the different styles and lengths, and how they work for different body shapes. There was even a little fashion history thrown in for good measure. From capris to culottes, from palazzo to cigarette pants, they left no pant leg unturned!

There were laughs to be had and some gentle critiquing of some of the more questionable fashion choices. So, whether you’re a style icon or just love a lighthearted look at fashion, make sure to tune in and get your weekly dose of Wisdom From The Wardrobe. Happy Listening!