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Our Cosmic Origin

We are living in what eternally appears to be troubled times, though, in essence, we are living in the most exciting times ever in the history of our world. Why? Because our world is in the process of returning to a golden age. A New Heaven on Earth is prophesied in all religions. Every ancient record believed in a time when the Union of Heaven and earth would come again. The signs are everywhere; the time is now, as flooding of higher information is pouring, which is the true meaning of revelation or apocalypse. As it stands, the angels have confirmed that the work of God’s glory for the earth has already been completed as it is in heaven.

However, learning to identify and adapt to the new energies that positively affect and gradually transform our world from within as we know it is essential and central to this restoration process. It is empirical that we get familiarized with this new higher resonating energy flooding our earth, acting as a catalyst that is beginning to vibrate a new structure, world, and reality.

In his new book, Ismael Perez combines science, philosophy, spirituality, and quantum physics to bring us a book about the true history of planet earth and our ancestors. Ismael Perez is an author, speaker, awakened starseed, an ambassador for the Interdimensional Alliance, works for the Emerald Order (a group that helped oversee the development of Earth), and the author of “Our Cosmic Origin: Open Your Eyes About Earth’s Place In The Multiverse And About a Greater Organization Of The Cosmos.”

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