American Road Trip Talk

Neon Resurrection Part 1

Our summer 2013 issue of American Road Magazine is focused around: Neon Sights that Keep the Night Bright. In this podcast we meet Dave Hutson, the man who brings the warmth of yesterday back to those glowing gas sentinels that once beckoned us to spent the night or to enjoy some homemade comfort food along the American Highway. Dave is the owner of Neon Time, a company that specializes in restoring neon signs in suburban St. Louis, MO. He is also part of the Neon Heritage Preservation Committee that was formed by the MO Route 66 Assoc. in 2008 to save endangered historic neon signs along the Mother Road. In this first of two conversations, Dave shares the challenges of putting the glow back in a motel’s marquee and restoring the allure of an historic St. Louis donut shop. Listen closely and you will learn the art of creating that special Neon glow.