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Neon Heritage Preservation Part 1

The summer 2013 issue of our magazine features the theme: Neon Sights that Keep the Night Bright. In the Motoring the Mother Road column, I wrote an article about an ambitious Neon Heritage Preservation program led by Jim Thole, a member of the board of the Missouri Route 66 Association. Be sure to check out the magazine issue for great photos and more details. In 2008, a terrible windstorm in St. Louis, MO nearly tore down a neon sign, which had been a local landmark. Jim and his three fellow committee members sprang into action and the Neon Heritage Preservation Committee began its crusade to turn historic neon lights back on Route 66. In the fall of 2011, I met Jim while on a visit to St. Louis just after the lighting of the Crestwood Bowl in suburban St. Louis County. In this first of three podcasts Jim Thole focused the conversation on the restoration of the Crestwood Bowl sign.