Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis

Mystic Radio With Robin Alexis 05 – 31 – 23

Here is why Robin Alexis was guided by Spirit to create Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis:  Your own Knowing comes from your intuition. What is your intuition? It’s your Soul’s Knowledge from the lessons your Soul has learned throughout all of its incarnations!

Knowing your Soul’s Wisdom from your PAST LIVES is the most efficient way to Know, Trust and Act Upon Your Own Knowing! Imagine creating your present and future life experiences from all of your Soul’s wisdom!!

Robin will be taking your Live On-Air PAST LIFE questions to unlock your Souls Wisdom by discovering what your past lives are telling you about the present!

Set your cell phone alarms on repeat for Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis every Wednesday 12 Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern time.

For more information, go to, or call (530) 859-2499, and follow Robin Alexis