My Relationships with Dolphins: Learning to Love and Lead Myself

Today’s guest is Joy Smith, Executive Coach and Author. Joy Smith is an executive coach and author, who has worked at some of the top companies in the world, including Amazon, AT&T, British Telecom-BT Group, Reliance Communications (India) and Verizon. Throughout her career she has been part of a man’s world where the focus has been on engineering and building massive telecommunications networks taking her on a journey to 28 countries.
Joy’s coaching clients are often entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to transforming themselves while at the same time leading by example, to ultimately have an impact on their business. In her practice, she engages with her clients to work through a process of self-actualization that allows them to connect with the understanding and realization that “It was ME all along”, which definitively has led them to their current results. The realization that it is their mental models, judgments, behaviors, attitudes etc. that created their current state can be life changing.

Joy knows this reality very well as her remarkable life trek has been filled with life changing tests and risks along the way. There have been many moments that have been extremely uncomfortable and unreasonable. At times, she has found herself on her knees wondering what to do next. Right on time when she needed it the most her greatest teachers and guides showed up in her life to provide guidance and discovery into her spiritual, human and corporate world… These guides are a pod of wild spinner dolphins who live off the coast of Hawaii near her family home.

Joy’s books are available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Audible versions and are written in her birth name Virginia C Smith –
“The Dolphin Lady, the story of a Unique Relationship”
“It was ME all Along, the Path to Freedom”

You can reach Joy through her email: or access her monthly BLOG on her website .. I know she’d love to hear from you.