My Path to the Divine

Cynthia Lane is a masterful spiritual mentor and teacher. Her path includes 28 years in the Vedic tradition as a TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher and 15 years of study and practice in the Native American tradition, especially Lakota. She also studied for many years with Bill Bauman, a PhD. psychologist and fully enlightened mystic. Finally, in France in 2014, Cynthia began a profound journey and connection with Mary Magdalene. This richly fulfilling connection has given rise to what Cynthia calls the path of Grace. It is path of allowing, rather than doing; a path of surrender to the power of Divine Light and Divine Love to be the major propeller of our healing and evolution. Cynthia now combines her experience and training with her vast joy, love and expansiveness, which she shares as the work she calls FirstLight Transformations. This work is dedicated to bringing all of us home to our Infiniteness—and taking our bodies with us on the journey. Every facet of our exquisite human expression of the Infinite can come to self-recognize as Divine, so that we live in the total freedom and profound happiness that is an innate part of the human package. For more information on Cynthia and her work, please see: