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Moonbeam Team – Sage and Messenger

Visible in Antarctica, this total eclipse is in the Solar Saros family cycle 152 beginning July 26, 1805. The Moonbeam Team will study the Full Moon at 28° Gemini on Dec 18 at 8:36 PST and at 11:36 pm EST.

“Eclipses occur when the earth, sun and moon’s paths intersect. The earth either blocks the sun’s light reflecting on the Moon for a lunar eclipse on 18/19 Nov, or the earth blocks the sun in its conjunction with the moon for a solar eclipse. No matter, the energy translates to the globe. The lunar nodes are nearly ended in Gemini and Sagittarius at 01 degrees. Will this be a “last gasp or song” for the communicative Gemini to vocalize patterns and beliefs of Sagittarius? What shall their energetic agenda be?” said Sue Rose Minahan, host of the weekly program.

Joining host astrologer Sue Rose Minahan in Kailua-Kona Hawaii are Moonbeam Team members Liz Muschett of Camano Island and Sara Stromley of Redmond, WA. We are welcoming our new member who fulfills our team wonderfully with many great gifts, Justin Crockett Elzie of Port Angeles, Port Townsend, and Seattle of Washington. Justin replaces Katherine Metcalf who we had the pleasure on for the last half year.

Liz’s maternal grandmother guided her from a young age to develop and use her intuitive abilities. Certified in Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and various other mystical subjects. Liz continues studying and teaching for 40+ years. Liz also is certified in Energy Work: Craniosacral, Polarity and Gin Shin Therapy, Hypnotherapist, and International Reiki Master Teacher. Co-author of “Gateways to Change 2018 and Beyond: Keys to Navigating the Seas of Life Using Numerology and Astrology”. Liz offers Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Consultations, Classes and Tutoring. Classes in Marysville, Camano Island and online with Zoom. Astrologer, Author, Universal Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Tarot Consultant, Teacher, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister ONLINE MONTHLY CLASSES SIGNUP email: and

An Evolutionary Astrologer Consultant; studies Horary, Astro-Cartography, Medical Astrology; Cranial-Sacral Therapist & Instructor; Practice blends flower/mineral elixir alchemy. Founder of Brain Body Therapy, LLC, a Cranial Sacral Therapist, and instructor, incorporates astrology into her practice as an Evolutionary astrologer consultant who also studies Horary, Astro Cartography, and Medical astrology. Sara involves various healing energy work, certified in some. Sara’s jokingly referred to as a ‘Mad Flower & Mineral elixir Alchemist’ reflective of her botanical passion for blending combinations supporting mind body coherence. Member of Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), Washington State Astrology Association (WSAA) where she served 3 years on its Board. She’s recorded services over a decade for the Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC).Redmond WA

An Archetypal Astrologer, providing In-depth transformational Astrology/Numerology consultations. Justin analyzes Natal, Progressed and Lunar Return charts, working with the Sabian Symbols to help maximize your potential on your Soul’s Journey and live your authentic self. He answers any questions about life direction or events in your life. A Spiritualist Medium, focusing on communicating with Spirits to relay messages to people from their loved ones who have moved on to the other side, and spirit guides. Service to Spirit and helping heal relationships, which is the goal of Mediumship, across realities is part of his life purpose. Justin does individual Mediumship readings and conducts Seances. Justin’s also a Certified Meditation Teacher and a Certified Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Animal Reiki.