Stacy Connects

Money Doesn’t Happen to You

Which is why it’s past time for Stacy to have an office to call her own. You’d think with “making her mark and owning it” (a reference to her Stacyism), Stacy would be more financially literate. However, as she and this week’s guest, Steve Haas discuss, financial illiteracy is far reaching across all ages and stages of life. Steve uses his personal interests and abilities for a passion project, a financial literacy mentor. He works with both post-college, young adults, and folks he meets from his work with Peer Seattle (an organization that cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing support and development services to the LGBTQ community impacted by addiction, mental health and/or HIV). Whichever demographic he’s mentoring, Steve invests his time, confident the return on his investment will pay off in spades.