Mindfully Managing Stress And Overwhelm

Guest: Isitri (Ish) Modak

Description: Women pursuing a wealthy life often experience high levels of stress and even burnout at work and home. This is especially true for working moms, who are expected to excel at their job, compete with men for better positions, as well as manage the demands of nurturing their children and making sure everything goes well at home. Moms who get caught in the trap of needing to be the perfect mother and the perfect employee can lose themselves in the process. Dr. Isitri Modak found herself chronically stressed and hating everything about her life. When her blood pressure reached dangerous levels, she got the message and began a journey to mindful living. Tresa and Isitri describe a simple method to managing stress and turning overwhelm into loving your life. As an introduction to the conversation, Tresa describes four powerful Pillars to reinventing your life.

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