Mantz & Mitchell

Mantz & Mitchell – 12 – 28 – 19 – Miki Jacobs

Miki Jacobs, an Israeli native, is an internationally renown medium, speaker, and author.
She was born in Israel, and grew up in a conservative Jewish home. She served as a Sergeant in the Israeli army for three years before moving to the United States and starting a business she owned for eighteen years. Interestingly, Miki discovered her gift of communicating with the spirit world later in her life. These abilities began to emerge in her early 30’s. Miki has lessons and guidance for those who do not believe they can connect with the spirit world because they were not “born” with it. Miki also has created her unique spiritual concept of the “TEAM” which is a group of spirits that each of us has. To compliment her teaching of this concept Miki has authored her most recent book: “Soul Secrets; A Spiritual Guidebook to Contacting your Team- Spirit Guides, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones”.