Loves Heals All Wounds

Linda Kent is the founder of Clearly Rising, LLC, with her certification as a Holistic Life Coach through Alan Cohen’s Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. Her spiritual journey began in the early 1980’s when she began searching for spiritual meaning to my life. In the beginning she read many spiritual books and worked with my spiritual teacher, Carla Gordan. She was taught massage by a blind chiropractor and began practicing massage therapy before Texas required a license. She became more involved in energy work that complimented what I was doing in massage by way of intuitively receiving visions and auditory messages for my clients that was pertinent to what they most needed to receive. The spiritual guidance she received created a clear message to write a book. She was given the title at that time, “Love Heals All Wounds”. She is currently pursuing a new career as an author with this book that will soon be published.