A Wealthy Life for Her…with Tresa Leftenant, CFP®

Living a Wealthy Life by Maximizing Your Brain’s Potential

Topic: Living a Wealthy Life by Maximizing Your Brain’s Potential
Guest: Cosimo Intermite, Expert in Strategic Learning
Description: Cosimo Intermite didn’t expect to move from Italy to the US, but after experiencing mind-blowingly positive life changes after taking the Genius in 21 Days course he discovered his passion. He decided to study to become an instructor, receiving the Expert in Strategic Learning designation from the University of Milan, which includes an expertise in mind-maps, strategic reading, team building, public speaking, micro facial expressions, effective communication, goal setting, decision making and self-development. Cosimo and his wife moved to the US and opened the Braining Training Denver location where he teaches Genius in 21 Days and other life expansion courses. Their mission is to improve people’s abilities, build their confidence, strengthen their minds and positively impact their lives forever. This conversation will “blow your mind” as we explore the potential of our brain.

And now that people all over the country are making big life changes after a year of living with a Pandemic, Tresa offers an opportunity to take stock of your financial life with a review the Five Stages of Life.

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