American Road Trip Talk

Lincoln Highway Centennial Tour Part 1

The Tunnel Vision column of our Spring 2015 American Road featured an article entitled Joy to the Road about the centennial of a remarkable journey from Detroit to San Francisco by Henry B. Joy, first president of the Packard Motor Car Company in 1915. Henry mounted his trusty Packard I-35 and navigated the often-muddy trails that were the Lincoln Highway just two years after the route had been established from New York to San Francisco. Henry’s destination was the Panama-Pacific Exhibition in the newly resurrected City by the Sea, which had risen from the rubble of a disastrous earthquake. Between the end of June 2015 and July 8, another group of Lincoln Highway enthusiasts are going to trace that same 2,836 mile trip in 12 days. They will be lead by the husband and wife team of Rosemary Rubin and Bob Lichty who are veterans of the route and our guests for this podcast. In this first of four podcasts, Rosemary Rubin, a veteran of a number of Lincoln Highway adventures, will start the conversation talking about the history of the highway.