Stacy Connects

Like a Ben of Fresh Air

Zooming in from Veranda Beach, Stacy makes a case for being sponsored by Black Rock Galleries and shares her STACY-ism about chasing versus attracting your dreams in her weekly Brain Dump. She then welcomes yoga teacher and trainer, Ben Chartrand to the program. Prior to working full-time on his yoga practice, Ben worked with Stacy’s kids at the Coho Café. Stacy shares her own experiences and insecurities with yoga before asking Ben a myriad of questions. From questions about his own journey, the health and spiritual benefits of yoga, what to wear, types of yoga, and whether she will implode from heat during hot yoga, Stacy finds Ben to be like a breath of fresh air. Follow Ben on social at @benjaminchartrand11 or Hot Yoga Experience in Sammamish and Issaquah, Pineapple Life in Snoqualmie Ridge, Bala Yoga in Sammamish or Trufusion in Bellevue.