Lift Your Spirits

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie and co-host, Gretchen Krampf

Intro Music: Clint McCune and Grace McCune
Orcas Center Music in the Park with Grace McCune Guests: Edee Kulper, photographer and author of “Life on Orcas Island” Philana Goodrich, musician, song-writer and producer

Edee Kulper is an amazing photographer and writer who captures the beauty and spirit of our Orcas Island Life in her blog, “Life on Orcas Island”. In May 2022, her creative spark brought forth a beautiful book, “Life on Orcas Island”.
Philana Goodrich is a song writer and music producer who grew up on Orcas Island and is now creating music for television and cinema from her island studio. She’s the first woman producer to have their music on “The Young and the Restless”. Her latest release is “Archetypes”, and the song “Heart on Fire” is available at Gretchen Krampf calls herself a Resourceress. She’s an Orcas Island weaver, process consultant and leadership coach who delights in bringing people together to share their special interests, gifts and talents. Gretchen, and her team at Leadership San Juan Islands and IsleWork are coordinating a summer series for Locals called “Village on the Green”, Wednesday evenings of July 13th (“Amplify Her”) and July 27th (“Rock the Ages”) More information is available at or about Gretchen at Dena Marie and Gretchen go way back, having met on the dance floor at Orcas Island’s Random House in 2014. They both love their island lives – Dena Marie on Whidbey and Gretchen on Orcas- and celebrate their shared belief in the power of creativity and positive action to “Lift Your Spirits”.