Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Life’s A Beach

Get ready for a fashion-forward splash in the latest episode of “Wisdom from the Wardrobe”! This week, our fabulous team dives into all thing’s swimwear, from the trendiest mermaid prints and alluring cutouts to the age-old question: 7-inch or 9-inch inseam for men? And, of course, the timeless debate – speedos or no-go?

Join us as we spill the secrets on how to choose the perfect silhouette for your body shape and share tear-free shopping tips to conquer the dressing room blues. Say goodbye to fashion faux pas and hello to beach-ready confidence! So, grab your sunscreen and shades, and tune in for a fun, witty, and insightful episode packed with playful banter. It’s time to seas the day with “Wisdom from the Wardrobe”. Happy Listening