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Life Without A Tie

The global launch of “Life Without A Tie” on 1st November marks a writing debut for a former award-winning business leader, traveler and fund-raiser Ray Martin. His beautifully written, open-hearted, and courageous book chronicles a fourteen-year journey of reinvention he undertook from 2005-2019 and, more importantly, the lessons learned and wisdom gained from the journey. During the first three or four years, he explored Asia, discovered Vipassana retreats and meditation, and developed a mindfulness practice. These helped him develop a set of guiding principles in the book. Further tours of Europe and America enabled him to continue his learning. After four years, his inner wisdom guided him to start a Foundation. By chance, he met a six-times marathon runner who offered to help him train and complete a marathon to kick-start his fundraising efforts for an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and an orphanage in Nepal. Ray ran his first marathon (aged 49) in New York in 2009 and raised over $15,000. He’s run four more since then, raising around $50,000. In the stories you’ll find in “Life Without A Tie,” Ray vividly shares what happened and the insights and wisdom from these random, unpredictable series of events that took him through twenty-eight countries. Find out more at: