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Libra/Taurus Moonbeam Team: Aries Full Moon | Libra New Moon

Monthly Moonbeam Team guest members, Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett and Sara Stromley, share a wide range of skillful capacities.

Liz is Certified in Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Craniosacral, Polarity & Gin Shin Therapy, Hypnotherapist, and as an International Reiki Master Teacher. LIz offers Astrology/Numerology & Intuitive Tarot Consultations, monthly Zoom online classes and tutoring. She co-authored: Gateways to Change 2018 & Beyond: Keys to Navigating the Seas of Life using Numerology and Astrology. Sara’s an Evolutionary astrologer/consultant and studies Horary, Astro Cartography and Medical Astrology. Founder of Brain Body Therapy, LLC, she’s a Cranial Sacral Therapist and instructor who incorporates astrology into her practice. Sara involves various healing energy work, certified in some. Sara’s jokingly referred to as a “Mad Flower & Mineral elixir Alchemist” — reflective of her botanical passion for blending combinations to support mind-body coherence.