Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

LFTH PresentsThe Conscious Coaching Hour-Self Care isn’t Selfish

Today, Wednesday 1/27 at 2-3pm PST on “Love From The Hyp” presents “The Conscious Coaching Hour”, Hosts and Intuitive & Transformational coaches Sakura Sutter, Rory Reich, and Brenda Reiss will be discussing the topic of Self Care. Hear what self-care means to them and how they had to get away from the idea of it being selfish.
Also listen in as they answer messages on self-care from listeners….What is self care? Are we doing enough of it? How do we make the time and what constitutes self-care these days?
No matter where you are, The Conscious Coaching Hour will meet you there, and shed light on the things that matter most…. to help awaken your intuition… and to help you live your best life!