Laurie McCants: A Life in the Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble: Be Open to Surprise, Part 2

In the second part of our interview Laurie will tells us how her community theater ensemble in a town of 10,000 expanded around the globe to Sub-Saharan Africa. Last week we opened with the story of the beginning of her lifelong career. She began by following a renowned acting coach, Alvina Krause, to her retirement home in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, with classmates from Northwestern’s MFA in Acting program. They stayed and created an ensemble theater from which Laurie recently retired as an emeritus member. Her story is one of the magical mix of vision and grit shared in the ensemble, local cultural and financial benefactors and fertile soil in a welcoming community. The innate passions and talents of the ensemble opened doors to profound exchanges with international and native cultures.

A link to an article that appeared in AMERICAN THEATRE MAGAZINE about her retirement: