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Larry Gossett, Dr. E. Faye Williams and more

Thursday, May 6 on Urban Forum Northwest on 1150 AM KKNW/www.1150kknw.com and on Alexa 2:00-3:00 pm (PDT) Hayward Evans and my scheduled guest for the hour are:

*LaNesha DeBardelaben, President and CEO, Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) is organizing an event that will observe the 60th Anniversary of the Reverend Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s visit to Seattle in November, 1961. Martin Luther King III will be a participant and speaker during the three day event.

*Larry Gossett was in the 10th grade at Garfield High School in November, 1961 when Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at two student body assemblies at the school. He later marched with Dr. King in New York in 1966 and was force in having a street named for Dr. King and he led the way to have the County named for Dr. King.

*Dr. E. Faye Williams, CEO and National Chair, National congress of Black Women, Inc. is a Radio Host, Trice Edney Wire Columnist that is featured regularly in the Seattle Medium Newspaper. She now has a new book: Wake Up

and Stay Woke: Running For Life.

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