Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Knitting And Witchcraft With James Divine And Katie Rempe

On this edition of Love From The Hyp, we explore the synergy of knitting and Witchcraft with James Divine and Katie Rempe. James, is a Palm Reader, Mystic, & Witch, and Katie is a Magical Maker. Both host the podcast called Knit A Spell.
Like peanut butter and chocolate, these two compliment each other quite fantastically! Katie, bringing forth her wisdom of knitting, and James, offering up his wisdom of Witchcraft. These two will share the power of Witchcrafting, and how done with intention, affirmations, or prayer, magical alignment can be achieved in one’s life.
James will also touch on why Witchcraft has become increasingly more popular and the wisdoms it has to offer society today. Katie, will touch on how she’s brought Witchcraft into her knitting, everything from choosing colors, number of stitches, to geometric patterns, and the ways in which it’s changed her craft. Plus, this powerful pair will share a craft to bring us more gratitude and abundance, just in time for the holidays! You won’t want to miss all of this witchy wisdom!