Wisdom From The Wardrobe

Key Lime Pie To Cobweb Weaves

Welcome to this episode of Wisdom From the Wardrobe with your hosts, the Michael Bruce Image Consulting Style Team. In this episode the team share their insights on the projected hot fashion trends for Spring & Summer 2023. With the conversation stitched around the season’s bold colors, playful textures, and trends reminiscent of the 90’s and Y2K a lively chat ensued. With lots of lime inspired garments, crochet for those that love texture and something new for the tie dye set, not everyone is convinced the trends are for them. Stacy for sure is questioning if the spring trends are on her side, cheese cloth and dough was one visual she put out there! So, sit back, relax, and get ready to take a fun look at which of the hot Spring 2023 trends might delight, or leave you out in the cold. Happy listening!