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Kaleidoscope Visions – King Charles III Coronation

Tune in to Talk Cosmos, Sunday, May 28 at 1-2 p.m. PDT, for the Taurus Kaleidoscope Visions monthly panel transit involving Jupiter in Taurus, “King Charles III Coronation”.

Early in May celebrated King Charles III new monarchy for England and the 54 countries in the Commonwealth. “According to, the Commonwealth is: a free association of sovereign states comprising the United Kingdom and a number of its former dependencies who have chosen to maintain ties of friendship and practical cooperation and who acknowledge the British monarch as symbolic head of their association.” said Sue Minahan, founder, and host of the weekly show. “Social dynamics have changed greatly since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 after WWII. Today, the British royalty is changing again, perhaps in answer to social consciousness focusing more on the community rather than autonomous rulership, asking how to guide leadership.”

The hourly program discusses current transits. Then, applying the transits to a pre-arranged participant’s natal chart who calls in during the 2nd half of the panel program to share their feedback. However, this program for May 28th was pre-recorded, without any additional participant to focus on King Charles III Coronation as a transit.

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Joining Sue Rose Minahan of Kailua-Kona, Big Island Hawaii, Astrologer, Founder of Talk Cosmos for the 4th week monthly panel, Kaleidoscope Visions, will be panel members:

AMANDA PIERCE: blends her eclectic style of astrology and energy magic with a soul-centered approach to life and healing. With a B.A. in Psychology, Amanda has a drive to uncover the root causes of life’s issues and empower her clients in the process.

JOHN CHINWORTH: Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2021. More than two decades of experience and continue to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences.

SUE ROSE MINAHAN: Founder of Talk Cosmos since April 7, 2018, collaborating weekly with guests involving insightful conversations to awaken consciousness for soul growth. Celebrating its 6th season in 2023.