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Kaleidoscope Visions – Choices & Decisions

Leo Kaleidoscope Visions monthly panel subject “Choices & Decisions”, Focused on the collective Libra South Node and its ruler retrograde Venus in Leo, the program involves a transit reading.  

“The lunar south node represents well-developed consciousness energies. Whether transiting or natal, the south lunar node is very familiar to us. The South nodes is the point of release with parts of its archetypal shadows restricting our soul growth. Libra involves others, in partnership or relationship of any kind. It is important to acknowledge when we may have compromised our choices to accommodate others beyond what is best or true for ourselves, represented by its opposite sign Aries, relating to self.” said Sue Minahan, founder, and host of the weekly show. “Prompting us to reform our relationships. Venus in Leo (apparent) retrograde involves reassessing core values to manifest our creativity. Activating us to find deeper soul-rich meaningful experiences to form the basis of our inner and outer relationships. “  

Kaleidoscope Visions panel begins reviewing current transit, with possible suggestions how the transits may apply personally to a pre-arranged participant’s natal chart. In the show’s 2nd half, the guest shares direct feedback. The dialogue exchange demonstrates how life works in the practical realm of our daily experiences and desires, making choices as a reflection of the current cosmos consciousness. 

Thanks to the volunteer guests filling the 2023 Kaleidoscope Visions schedule for its 4th Sunday program. Joining Talk Cosmos for the 4th week monthly panel, Kaleidoscope Visions panel member, Amanda Pierce, Seattle, Washington, and Founder, Sue Minahan, Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. Subscribe! and follow us on Talk Cosmos YouTube Channel for all visual episodes. Weekly show on YouTube, Facebook, podcasts, and where you can find the entire podcast episode library. 

AMANDA PIERCE: blends her eclectic style of astrology and energy magic with a soul-centered approach to life and healing. With a B.A. in Psychology, Amanda has a drive to uncover the root causes of life’s issues and empower her clients in the process. Astrology and Energy Work Consultation | Meditation | Writing & Editing. 

JOHN CHINWORTH: Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2021. More than two decades of experience and continue to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences. email: 

SUE ROSE MINAHAN: Founder of Talk Cosmos since April 7, 2018, collaborating weekly with guests involving insightful conversations to awaken consciousness for soul growth. Celebrating its 6th season in 2023.