Stacy Connects

Journey to Center and Unearth

Stacy shares some of the conversations she had over the past week about topics ranging from BLT ratios to who would win a relay race between Usain Bolt and Joey Chestnut (Usain Bolt obvi); even guest Marjorie Schreurs weighs in on the topic. Stacy and Marjorie talk about Marjorie’s work as an ADHD and micro-dosing coach and psychedelic journey guide. Stacy has lots of questions about the reputation, myths and fears surrounding psychedelics including her own. They also discuss how micro-dosing can be a powerful aid in helping with ADHD, making peace with past turmoil through awareness and generally being more present in our daily lives. A fascinating conversation about taking a journey to the center of yourself. To connect with Marjorie go to