The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show Podcast

Joseph Milnes, Astrologer

Skip and Sha’ron welcome Joseph Milnes, noted Astrologer.

“As Psychic and Mediums, we are asked constantly, about our predictions for world events, and what we see in the future,” said Sha’ron, adding, “It isn’t often that they find an astrologer who doesn’t hesitate to use their skills and make predictions, but we have in our friend Joseph Milnes. Joseph has been a guest on Psychic Spectrum Radio before and made some bold predictions. Those bold predictions incidentally, came true.”

Listen to this show very carefully, and see what the stars are telling Joseph about the world events that we are living in. The Presidential Race, Covid-19, Riots, Supreme Court Appointments, and much more.

Joseph is the CEO of AstroloGeeks Inc. He is a Website Developer, and a Graphic Artist, and Musician. So, you can see that he has an eye for detail and from our past talks with Joseph, he is an astounding Astrologer who understand the matter of his profession.

Joseph has agreed to give some detailed predictions about the future events that shape the world around us.