Stacy Connects

Jill Beck: Wellness Matcher and Fan of The Roscoe Diner

Per usual Stacy starts by sharing Observations and Conversations from the past week; like that styes could be caused by pent-up anger and that lopping off tree suckers is super satisfying (especially if you have pent-up anger). Her guest Jill Beck, a Wellness Matchmaker, is especially enthusiastic about Stacy’s weekend activities as they prove her point that being “the picture of health” is NOT about weight or size. After finding her own unique path to fitness, Jill recognized that most fitness offerings fail the end-user and soil the overall fitness experience for people. Her solution? Connect clients with resources that will help them achieve their goals, whether that’s a marathon, a leisurely stroll through Italy, playing soccer or cheering the grandkids on while they play soccer. To learn more check out Jill’s blog, her Instagram account (@justgolong) or email her at You can also schedule a Free Consultation.