Intellectual Humility With Dr. Ian Church

Replay – This show originally aired July 19th 2018.

Ian ChurchThe first research-cluster focuses on motivating and developing new non-reductive models of knowledge and includes projects on the nature of luck, fallibilism, and the epistemic import of peer disagreement. The second research cluster focuses on the methodologies and implications of psychology and includes projects on the nature of intellectual virtues in light of heuristics and biases, the epistemic implications of cognitive science, and the philosophical psychology of intellectual virtues.

Dr. Church is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hillsdale College. He was a co-PI (with Ducan Pritchard) on the Intellectual Humility Massive Open Online Course project at the University of Edinburgh, and he is currently the Principal Investigator on the “Problem of Evil and Experimental Philosophy of Religion” project—both projects being generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Dr. Church earned his PhD from the St Andrews-Stirling Joint Programme in Philosophy in 2012, and his current research includes work on intellectual virtues, the Gettier Problem epistemic luck, fallibilism, disagreement, non-reductive models of knowledge, intuitions, religious epistemology, philosophy of psychology, and cognitive science.

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