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Inked: Matt Knutsen

A short, last-minute trip to Veranda Trip resulted in an epic hangover and tomatoes for Stacy. This week she helps pack for her daughter’s move to NYC. Today’s guest Matt Knutsen, inspired a memory about her late father and this week’s “ism.” Stacy and Matt, an experienced tattoo artist and owner of Hidden Addiction in Oroville, WA, chat about tattoos; their history, trends, unique purposes, and what prompted each of them to get their first tattoos. Matt shares his love for doing “Sailor Jerry-style” tattoos and his desire to see his artwork featured for the world to appreciate. To see Matt’s work follow him @hidden.addiction on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Follow the link in his bio to vote for him in the Inked Magazine Competition. To connect with Stacy, go to