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IGod – Rashmi Khilnani

Rashmi is an acclaimed author, mystery school teacher, Reiki Master, metaphysician & producer of the movie IGod featuring Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God) and other prominent spiritual authors & speakers.

Rashmi’s wisdom is very soothing in this year of cosmic upgrade as she reminds us we are the Creator and we hold the key for our ascension.
Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality.
Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in the documentary film, IGod, which features spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman.
Rashmi Khilnani is the author of The Divine Mother Speaks and Buddha Speaks,
You can visit her website for more information at