I Had to Go to Grow: A Leader’s Journey of Adaptation and Spirituality

Today’s guest is Dr. Leslye Kornegay who leads the overall housekeeping services, sanitation and recycling for all academic buildings on a large higher educational PWI (Predominantly White Institution) in the South East. Her responsibilities include management oversight for a workforce of 285 union and nonunion staff. The department serves the campus community with pride, dignity and professionalism by providing a clean and sustainable environment.

Leslye Kornegay, Ed.D. was appointed the Director of University Environmental Services effective February 14, 2016. She was formerly with the University of Vermont for 8 and half years as the Director of Custodial Services. Prior to her position at the University of Vermont, Leslye held positions in university facilities organizations where she partnered with senior leadership to place the university internal customer first, and implemented accountability measures to ensure that departmental performance met campus expectations. She has led major institutional change initiatives while adhering to her commitment to positive and proactive leadership, transparency in communications, staff development and strong relationships with internal and external campus stakeholders, customers and senior leadership.

She holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Vermont, Certificate from the Harvard Executive School of Business, a Masters of Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Mount Olive. She is a member in the international honor society Pi Gamma Mu, IEHA/ISSA, APPA, & a graduate of the HERs Institute.

Contact Info: lkornega@me.com