Designing and Building Your Dream Home

How to Receive an Accurate Appraisal of Your High-Performance Home

In this program we review the appraisal process. Whether you are a current or future homeowner, a real estate agent looking to grow your client base, or a residential property appraiser wanting to increase your knowledge and expertise – you will learn a great deal from my guest, Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate. We discuss;

1.      How to properly value ADU’s so they qualify for financing.

2.      How to ensure that the investment you make in high-performance products and processes in your home are reflected in your appraisal.

3.      The role energy rating plays in the appraisal process.

4.      What impact a solar installation will have on your appraisal.

5.      How to recognize if the appraiser is qualified to properly value your home, and if not, what options are available to you.


Guest Bio:          Sandra K. Adomatis is a member of the Appraisal Institute since 1984, has served as Chapter President, Chair of two national committees, and Region X Education Liaison. Internationally, she is working with Canada to adopt the AI Green & Energy Efficient Addendum to their residential properties. She is an Appraisal Institute instructor, developer of seminars and courses, Appraisal Journal author, contributor to textbooks, and author of Residential Green Valuation Tools. Sandra is a national spokesperson to state and federal government agencies, energy organizations, REALTOR groups, state coalition, national and local homebuilder groups, and utility companies where she passionately promotes the Appraisal Institute, its members, education, and publications.